… is an energetic, exhilarating water workout that provides the participant with plenty of exertion and a good mood.

Under the guidance of an instructor on the shore and to the accompaniment of music, various movements, jumps and exercises are performed in the water during the class, which are particularly effective thanks to the water resistance.

AQUAfit is inspired by jumping, arm and leg kicks and running in the water, providing enough of a challenge for anyone who joins.

The aquatic environment is kind to the joints and back, activates the metabolism and the water itself massages the muscles. Water resistance increases the load on the whole musculature. Exercising like this develops coordination, stamina and reduces stress, boosting overall fitness and mood.


telephone: 445 0770 email: spa@wasahotels.ee

Please arrive 10 min before the start of the class.




Tuesdays from 17:45-18:30, (45 min) from 13th of September, instructor Merili (medium to intensive training load).

Price 10 € (17 € with spa visit), price does not include the use of a bathrobe or a towel!


♥ We advise you to check your state of health before exercising and consult your GP if necessary.

♥ We advise you to avoid heavy foods, coffee, nicotine and alcohol, and to drink plenty of fluids before and after water training to avoid dehydration.

♥ Pregnant women are advised to consult their GP before the training.

♥ We advise you to wear non-slip flip-flops in the pool area.