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The spa is on the 1st floor of Wasa Resort. In total there are 11 rooms for treatments, and the spacious terrace by the pool is perfect for catching some sun. We’ve selected our favourite spa brands from around the world: Anne Semonin, Esse, Orly and Londontown. There’s something on our list of treatments for everyone – men, women and children alike.

Anyone who books a facial, body treatment or massage from Sunday to Thursday receives free admission to the Wasa Resort pool & sauna centre prior to their treatment. Use of bathrobes is included in the price for all visitors.

Wasa Resort pool & sauna centre is open from Mon 12-22, Tue-Sun 8-22.
Treatments are available from Mon-Sat 9-19, Sun 9-16.

Phone: +372 445 0770

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Top-to-toe well-being 1h 50 min / € 109

Wasa Resort’s signature ritual unites the very best components and techniques of Anne Semonin treatments, guaranteeing pleasure from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It begins with an Anne Semonin welcome ritual, which tunes your body into the treatment. This is followed by back  exfoliation and massage, working to relieve muscle tension.
In cooperation with our beauty therapists, we carefully select products for the facial part of the treatment so that it takes the needs and well-being of your skin into account. The hand and head massages you receive while wearing your mask will leave you feeling pampered and well cared for. The end result of our signature ritual is a complexion with the glow of youth, a stress-free body and a truly relaxed mind.

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Vigorous rejuvenating facial with Intensity Plus+ probiotics 1h 20 min / € 84

The Esse treatment uses a highly concentrated natural answer to botox that will immediately relax your muscles, reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin. It begins with the double-cleansing and exfoliation of your skin, followed by a rejuvenating and revitalising massage using special products that are designed to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation beneath your skin. The active components used during the massage help to deeply rejuvenate and tauten your skin. Next comes a mask with a natural botox effect which also includes large amounts of components with a strong rejuvenating effect on the skin, helping to immediately soften wrinkles. The mask boosts the vitality of your skin and relaxes the muscles, thereby restoring your skin’s youthfulness and smoothness. The result of the treatment is smoother, more glowing skin that is full of vitality.



Toning, tautening and rejuvenating treatment with ice cube serum 1h 20 min / € 69

This Anne Semonin treatment will brighten your complexion and reduce signs of ageing, leaving your skin flawless and you feeling better than ever. It makes use of a cryotherapy ice cube serum that adds glow to your skin and has a rejuvenating effect. Its wild indigo extract, which has a neurocosmetic effect, stimulates the release of B endorphins (which is to say happiness hormones) and tautens your skin at the cellular level.

Cleansing treatment with sea minerals 1h 20 min / € 69

This deep-cleansing Anne Semonin treatment suits all skin types. It relaxes the skin and tightens up your pores. Traditional cleansing techniques and highly concentrated ocean minerals and seaweeds work together to ensure the best result, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Tailor-made facials treatment to your skin type 50 min / € 49

Everyone’s skin is different and needs a personal approach. Working with our beauty therapist, we select the right Anne Semonin products to create a treatment that will guarantee the best results for your particular skin type.

If you have dry, sensitive skin, a moisturising, nourishing and smoothing china clay & seaweed mask which is rich in components will have a soothing effect and leave your skin feeling fresh and relaxed.

If you have a combined skin type, the highly active components of various types of seaweed will help to restore balance and meet your moisture needs, leaving your skin clear and protecting it against the effects of the outside environment.

If you have mature skin, a treatment to reduce the signs of ageing will restore youthful freshness and tautness thanks to wild Mexican yam, while vitamins A and E will provide effective protection against the damaging effects of the outside environment.

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Esse facial for sensitive skin 50 min / € 49

This Esse treatment is specifically designed to soothe and smooth gentle, sensitive skin susceptible to rosacea, acne, dermatitis or hypersensitivity. It begins with the double-cleansing and gentle exfoliation of your skin, followed by a soothing and relaxing lymph massage with special products designed to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation beneath your skin, helping to gently remove residue from the skin. Then comes a mask, combined with either a head or hand massage, to relax and restore your internal and external balance. Following the treatment, your skin will be relaxed, clearer, deeply moisturised and less reactive.

Refreshing treatment with ice cube serum to restore glow 50 min / € 49

The immediate effects of this Anne Semonin treatment moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and glowing. A smart combination of cleansing, exfoliation, a mask and a rejuvenating cryotherapy ice cube serum, it is suitable for all skin types and makes it possible to gain an instant feeling of freshness no matter how busy a life you lead.

Refreshing facial for expectant mothers 50 min / € 49

This moisturising and soothing Anne Semonin skin treatment takes into account the fluctuations in your hormones during pregnancy, which can lead to dry skin, pimples, pigmentation and dull skin tone. A neck and shoulder massage with a special nourishing oil will help relieve stress, as will the head massage you are given while wearing your mask. The treatment will restore your glowing complexion, reflecting the happiness that comes with this special time, and leave you feeling like a true goddess.

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ADD-ON'S WITH TREATMENTS (not available separately)

For Anne Semonin facials we recommend:

– Ice cube serum for the face 10 min / € 9
– Ice cube serum for the eyes 10 min / € 9
– Anti-ageing face massage to stop time 20 min / € 19

For Esse facials you can choose from one of five stimulants:

– For dry, ageing skin € 14
– For dry, dehydrated skin € 14
– For skin with pigmentation problems € 14
– With an immediate rejuvenating effect € 14
– With live probiotics € 29



Pampering massage treatment with exfoliation 1h 20 min / € 64

This Anne Semonin full-body treatment uses a luxurious exfoliant comprising the minerals and oligo-elements of the beaches of Bora Bora (white sand, sea salt, pink quartz powder and white hibiscus) to gently remove dead skin cells and toxins, nourishing your skin and leaving it softer, silky smooth and with a youthful glow. Exfoliation is followed by a full-body massage with aromatic oils that stimulate the senses and focus on the needs of your body.

Relaxing massage treatment for the back 50 min / € 44

This Anne Semonin back treatment uses a self-warming, mineral-rich mud mask to help alleviate muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce tiredness and stress. This is followed by a back massage with an aromatic oil selected especially to meet your needs, giving you an energy boost while also relaxing you and leaving your whole body feeling great.

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Shaping and toning cellulite treatment 50 min / € 46

Say goodbye to cellulite!
This Anne Semonin treatment goes into battle against cellulite and the sort of soft skin you don’t want. Inspired by cryotherapy, the treatment combines the shock techniques of warm/cold contrast massage that stimulate circulation and the immune system. Thanks to a special massage designed to expel toxins and the complex of brown and red seaweed used, the contours of your body are improved, your legs will feel much lighter and your skin tone will get a boost. The best results are achieved if you take a course of treatments.

‘Le Vintage’ invigorating body treatment 50 min / € 43

This Anne Semonin energy-infusing exfoliant will leave your skin feeling soft, silky smooth and truly nourished. Since the polyphenols in the husks of the red wine grape seeds used in the exfoliant have an antioxidant effect that is 20 times stronger than that of vitamin C, it is the best way of achieving skin glowing with health.

Amazingly light legs 40 min / € 37

There is now an even quicker way of bringing relief to tired legs! This treatment boosts circulation, reduces the amount of excess fluid gathering in the legs and leaves your legs feeling wonderfully light. It is both very effective and very relaxing. Starting with an exfoliation using natural sea extracts, your legs then enjoy a soothing wrap with similar extracts and a gentle massage. The treatment will provide relief for tired legs and discomfort from swelling, remove residue and boost the microcirculation of your blood. The effects are instant and long-lasting.

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ADD-ON'S  (not available separately)

Nourishing Anne Semonin hair mask with head massage 10 min / € 9
Further massage 20 min / € 19



‘La Cuvee Special’ warm-touch massage ritual 1h 20 min / € 64

This Anne Semonin treatment, which was inspired by ancient massage techniques, uses not only the hands but also warm linen boluses filled with a mixture of wine grape seeds and essential oils. The warmth, pressure and touch work together to reduce muscle tension and nourish the skin, producing a truly relaxing experience for mind and body alike.

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Wasa Resort massage ritual 50 min / € 46

Using a wide range of natural components and balms, the massage will leave your skin smoother and more flawless than ever before. The ritual brings together the delightful aromas and warmth of the candles with the deep, moisturising softness of the balms.

Classic massage 50 min / € 39

Aroma massages (à la carte) 50 min / € 43

A full-body massage with aromatic oils. The Anne Semonin aromas will have you thinking happy thoughts and truly relax your senses. You can choose one of four oils – all designed to have a particular effect – to suit the moment and create a heavenly combination of skin protection and total relaxation.

The synergy between lemongrass and peppermint oils is very effective in helping to expel toxins from the body and stimulating the metabolism. The massage will help you rid yourself of excess fluid and will leave you feeling light and fresh.

This rich cocktail of nut and sesame oils scented with lavender and mandarin works to nourish the skin and makes the massage especially enjoyable. It offers stress relief and relaxes deep muscle tension.

The Omega 3 and 6 from cranberry seeds and the vitamins A and E from olive oil guarantee a maximum restorative and rejuvenating effect and will leave your skin as soft as velvet and as smooth as silk.

This oil, rich in vitamin E and with the exotic aroma of warming ginger, is based on Ayurveda traditions. Thanks to the massage techniques used it is a treat to the senses and a real energy boost, while also relieving muscle tension.

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Slim down the fun way 50 min / € 44

The battle against cellulite is waged on a number of fronts. It requires you to review your diet, exercise and skincare habits and to find the right sort of routines for your everyday life. Unbeatable back-up in this fight, however, is the Anne Semonin massage designed especially for this purpose, which was inspired by cryotherapy. The massage combines the shock techniques of warm/cold contrast massage that stimulate circulation and the immune system and activate lymph and blood circulation to reduce existing cellulite and prevent further cellulite from developing. The best results are achieved if you take a course of massages.

Relaxing massage for two 50 min / € 74

This classic massage is given to two guests simultaneously on adjacent massage tables.

Classic massage 30 min / € 32

The pressure and touch work together to reduce muscle tension and producing a truly relaxing experience for mind and body alike. Client may choose the area for short massage therapy – is it back, head or some other area.

ADD-ON'S  (not available separately)

Nourishing Anne Semonin hair mask with head massage 10 min / € 9
Further massage 20 min / € 19



Toxin-cleansing facial 1h 20 min / € 69

This Anne Semonin combination of natural sea minerals and essential oils with a hot compress helps to expel toxins and guarantees deep cleansing of the skin. Invigorating massage and a softening seaweed mask will leave even tough, tired skin smooth and bring new clarity to your complexion.

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Relaxing facial with back massage 50 min / € 54

This energy-boosting facial takes the special needs of men’s skin into account and gives your cells a real lift. Starting with a relaxing back massage, this Anne Semonin facial will immediately relieve stress and restore a glow to your skin, while the head massage you receive while wearing your mask will help rid you of tension.

Stress-relieving massage treatment for the back 50 min / € 44

This back treatment uses a self-warming, mineral-rich mud mask to help alleviate muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce tiredness and stress. This is followed by a back massage with an aromatic oil selected especially to meet your needs, giving you an energy boost while also relaxing you and leaving your whole body feeling great.

Refreshing facial with ice cube serum 30 min / € 34

This quick and effective Anne Semonin facial has immediate effects. It includes cleansing, a mask and a unique, refreshing ice cube serum. The treatment will leave tired skin that has to cope with harsh conditions looking irresistibly fresh and will help to restore your self-confidence.



Bubble bath for the child and relaxing massage for the parent 30 min / € 39

This is a truly enjoyable spa ritual in which children can share the spa experience with a parent.
There is nothing more fun than a bubble bath that leaves your fingers and toes all wrinkly! After the bath, relaxing in your fluffy robe, the refreshing juice you are treated to will taste even better. And while you have fun in the bubble bath, mum or dad enjoy a relaxing massage. This treatment is suitable for children up to the age of 14 to enjoy with a parent or guardian.

Gentle massage for the child and stress-relieving massage for the parent 30 min / € 53

This is a massage for two in which parent and child can enjoy the spa experience together.
A gentle massage provides an introduction to the wonderful world of the spa. A massage is a great way of unwinding and recharging after a busy day, since running around and playing – and simply growing up – can be exhausting. And what could be better than enjoying such relaxation with your mum, dad, grandma or grandpa?



Bubbles & massage for two 1h 20 min / € 119

This treatment is for two and includes a 30-minute bath to relax the mind and a 50-minute massage to relax the body. It represents a great opportunity to enjoy a soothing, all-in-one treatment with your partner or a friend.

It starts with a relaxing bath, during which you are both served fruit or snacks and a glass of sparkling wine. This is followed by a soothing dual massage.

Bubbles & massage for one 1h 20 min / € 76

Make-up 50 min / starting from € 38



Hot oil manicure 30 min / € 24

ORLY hot oil manicure is a pleasantly warming and nutritious treatment your hands need in the autumn and winter season.

Pamper your dry hands and cuticles with a warm oil bath, which also offers calm orange aroma therapy for your senses.

Soften, renew and feed your skin, moisturize your dry and brittle nails. Enjoy the relaxing hand massage! Your skin and nails will be silky soft and look younger already after the first treatment. The treatment does not include applying nail polish.

Wellness manicure 1h 20 min / € 49

This treatment starts with disinfection of the hands and, if necessary, the removal of nail polish. The nails are then filed and shaped. An aromatic mandarin sugar exfoliant is then applied to the moisturised skin and massaged in to remove any dead skin cells. A cream is applied to the cuticles and a nourishing treatment mask to the hands. A special gel is then applied to the cuticles, which are eased back gently. This is followed by a relaxing and enjoyable hand massage with an aromatic cream. Your toenails are then polished with the Orly varnish of your choice. To finish, a special nail oil is applied to the cuticles. All Orly varnishes are vegan-approved, long-lasting and split-proof.

Classical manicure 60 min / € 38

Vegan manicure 50 min / € 39

This five-step LONDONTOWN KUR manicure is natural and effective. It uses no chemicals or synthetic substances, instead of making the most of extracts from hand-picked plants and the latest technology.

Rapeseed and evening primrose oil, extracts of cucumber, garlic and chamomile, vitamins A and E and biotin work together to guarantee strong, healthy nails and soft, silky smooth hands.

The manicure ends with the application of LONDONTOWN LAKUR varnishes, which combine plant extracts and vitamins with intense pigments. The result is long-lasting, high-gloss, split-proof nail protection.

All LAKUR varnishes boast 9-Free ingredients, which means they contain no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, TPHP, acetone, ethyl tosylamide resin, xylene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate and phthalates), toluene or camphor.

They are toxin-, gluten- and cruelty-free (not being tested on animals) and are vegan-approved.

Wellness pedicure 1h 20 min / € 49

This Orly treatment starts with disinfection and a refreshing foot bath. If needed, nail polish is then removed, after which your toenails are filed and shaped. Your feet are then exfoliated using an aromatic mandarin sugar exfoliant, with gentle massage removing any dead skin cells. Your feet are then washed and dried.

Your cuticles are then covered with a special cream and any calluses coated with a removing gel. These are given time to work before a cuticle remover is applied and your cuticles are gently eased back.

A coarse file is then used to remove any dead skin cells and calluses from your feet. Your feet are then covered in a nourishing and moisturising mandarin mask. Once this has taken effect it is removed, your feet are washed and you are given a relaxing foot massage.

Your nails are then polished using the Orly varnish of your choosing. To finish, a special nail oil is applied to your cuticles.

All Orly varnishes are vegan-approved, long-lasting and split-proof.

Classical pedicure 60 min / € 38

Child's (up to 10 years) manicure 30 min / € 24

This Orly children’s manicure will leave even the youngest members of the family feeling like little princesses! The treatment begins with disinfection of the hands. The nails are then filed and the cuticles are treated, with a remover applied before the cuticles are gently eased back. The base of the nails is cleaned with an orange tree stick.

A beautifully scented nourishing cream is then gently massaged in, with the result being soft and perfectly nourished skin. Two layers of four-in-one Breathable nail varnish of the young lady’s choosing are then applied, with base, colour, care and top coats all included. Moisturising oil is applied to the nails to complete the manicure.

All Orly varnishes are vegan-approved, long-lasting and split-proof and give your nails the care they need and deserve.

Child's (up to 10 years) pedicure 30 min / € 24

ADD-ON'S  (not available separately)

Hand massage 20 min / € 19
Foot massage 20 min / € 19
Gel nail polish removal 20 min / € 13



Eyebrows and lashes

Eyebrow colouring € 11
Eyebrow correction € 8
Eyebrow correction with wax € 9
Eyelash colouring € 11
Eyebrow and eyelash colouring with eyebrow correction € 29


We have chosen the high-quality Lycon range of products for depilation.

Full legs € 29
Lower legs € 19
Arms € 14
Bikini line € 19
Deep bikini line € 24
Underarms € 14
Face (excl. eyebrows) € 9
Eyebrows € 9
Chest or back € 29