PAYOT is a well-known French skincare brand created in 1920 by Nadja Payot, an extraordinary woman who was one of the first female doctors of her generation.
Nadja Payot developed and then introduced various facial muscle exercises to her clients. The later 42-step massage is practised to this day and you can find this signature treatment at WASA Spa as well!
She was a woman who adored ballet. After meeting the famous prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, she understood the importance of essential techniques and physical movements in maintaining the beauty and youthfulness of the skin.

The globally beautifying PAYOT face and body treatments are now available to every holidaymaker on the spa treatments list of WASA Resort.
Over 100 years of experience have shaped PAYOT into the brand it is today. Following science and innovations, PAYOT offers treatments for people of different ages according to the condition of their facial skin and their body’s current condition.


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The story of LO is the story of a project born in 2009 from a love for niche perfumes by two designers, Daniela Caon.

The fragrance notes of LO are carefully selected to reflect moments, visions and subtle sensations, which sometimes last for a split second, creating a unique and unrepeatable experience for the user. The ingredients of LO perfumes are special.

Hence, the brand’s core value is to create an emotional journey that is born through our personal sense of scent and is uniquely individual.

In addition to perfumes, the LO brand now offers a selection of room fragrances, both as sprays and diffusers.


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Magrada Organic Cosmetics is designed to awaken natural beauty in everyone. Magrada means ‘I like’ in Catalan. It’s a family business based here in Pärnu that is led by a dynamic mother-daughter duo. The beauty brand was created in 2016 and its roots go back to the pristine beauty of Hiiumaa.

The creators of the MAGRADA brand take special care to ensure that all of their products are clean, ecological, effective and delightfully aromatic. The products are cruelty-free, vegan and based on sustainable development principles.

Minimalist recipes and the efficiency and quality of the ingredients are appreciated alongside nature and beauty. Magrada products are prepared in a laboratory in small batches every 10-12 weeks to ensure maximum freshness.

Potent Nordic ingredients such as juniper, cranberry, lemon balm, marigold, oak, linden flower and elder are used to make effective skincare and haircare products. These powerful medicinal plants have been used for centuries in local beauty rituals.


WASA BEAUTY BOUTIQUE: Shampoo bars ♥ Conditioners ♥ Body scrubs ♥ Body creams and oils ♥ Lip balms ♥ Special care products



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