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Wasa Resort

We are essentially creating a new building complex in the Pärnu beach district. In addition to hotel rooms, guests can opt for private apartments. A large enclosed park area. A trouble-free choice for families and a safe play area for kids.

The Wasa Resort has been designed from the inside out to guarantee our visitors are happy. There are no long hollow corridors. All guests are welcomed by the cosiness of an alcoved boutique hotel.

Are you familiar with the glamour of the Poirot era? Simplistic, clear and light, yet luxurious with hints of art deco. A spectacular design to rest your eyes on and relax both the body and mind.

Many people probably know about the historic Wasa hotel. Opened in 1938, the building is a kind of symbol of Pärnu as a resort town. The dignified old building will get a new spa hotel as a neighbour.

The Wasa Hotel was named after the ferry that brought vacationers to Estonia. Pärnu was an established spa holiday destination even back then. The Wasa Resort ties together history and a unique structured architectural style characteristic of a modern resort town. This is the resort of today.

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Photo Tõnu Tunnel