is cherished among many

A modern resort town. A place to go vacationing both in summer and in winter.

The Wasa Resort is located in the beach district, the most valued area in the summer capital. A beautiful white sandy beach is a few minutes away. The historical female-only beach area is also still there.

The new spa hotel enriches the beach district by essentially creating a uniquely designed new building complex. It is a safe place both for daytime walks and evening strolls. The beach park and its fountains, flowerbeds and resting areas are an extension of the complex.

Pärnu has something exciting for all ages. Culture-lovers are welcomed by a theatre, concert hall and an exciting cultural calendar.

There are classical music and film festivals, blues festivals, and a Hanseatic festival, the night of arts, the Augustiunetus (August Insomnia) street festival, and much more.

The beach stadium hosts many sports competitions and the downtown tennis courts are a couple of hundred metres away. Two high-quality golf courts are located in Pärnu, and there’s a car circuit that’s considered to be the best in Scandinavia.

Pärnu is close by. It’ll take a mere 1.5 hours to arrive from Tallinn and 2 hours to visit from our neighbours in Riga. And so you won’t have to trouble yourself during the vacation, parking is free of charge for our guests. That way you can leave everyday struggles on the road and cross the Pärnu County border with only holiday thoughts and fun beach plans in mind.

Staying at the Wasa Resort, you’ll get a taste of everything Pärnu has to offer.

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