AS Wasa launched the Resort Seminar Centre – seminar rooms created during the reconstruction of the historic part of the building built in 1938, where you can also learn about the history of the resort through the elements used in the interior design.

Sunbathing and active beach holidays became fashionable in Estonia in the 1920s and gave the resort town a new look and feel. Increasingly more tanned and scantily-clad holidaymakers dominated on the beaches and the functionalist elegance and practicality started to prevail in the architecture of bathing facilities.


The listed part of the building (the Oval Hall) with the arched glass gallery has been restored to its original form, providing a unique functional environment for both daytime seminars and evening entertainment.

Guests can start the seminar day with an invigorating exercise session with instructions given through the web and music from the era is played in the rooms. A video montage of old photos and surviving videos of the Pärnu Resort will be shown on the big screen in the Oval Hall before the presentations.

The stylised interior has been created by coordinating all the details with a specialist from the National Heritage Board and the details in the interior that were preserved and restored according to heritage conservation guidelines are marked in the rooms. The floor of the glass gallery connecting the two buildings is covered by a custom-made hallway carpet, the design of which depicts the coastline of Pärnu and the important sights of the region.

The exposition in the hallways of the hotel consists of an etude exhibition, with photographs of how people used to spend their holidays in those days, both in Pärnu and specifically at Wasa.


You can get a detailed overview on a guided tour, which is conducted by certified guides of the Pärnu Tourist Guides Association in Estonian, Finnish and English.

Guided tour “History of Pärnu Resort”. The year 1838, when the first bathing establishment started operating by the sea, is considered the birth of Pärnu Resort. People were offered seawater baths and dipping in the sea in summer, and a sauna worked at the same place in winter.
The beach, parks, boulevards and elegant bathing facilities that are so characteristic of Pärnu started shaping the resort’s look 40–50 years later. 
On the walk, we’ll take a look at the beautiful buildings that adorn the coastline, such as Pension Wasa, the Beach Hotel, the former Beach House with the mushroom-shaped terrace and the Resort Hall, and we’ll also enjoy the greenery of the Beach Park. The tour lasts 1 hour, the price is based on a quote.

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The environment created in the historic building also offers groups of friends an opportunity to spend a private evening in an interior true to the period. In summer, it’s possible to take the activities to the park area outside to enjoy the great resort atmosphere and organise fashion shows, movie nights or dance marathons to offer something different from the usual indoor activities. We’ll organise a memorable experience for you with the help of various entertainers!

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