The NIGHTSPAA takes place from Monday to Thursday every evening.

September 25.9 – 28.9, October 30.10 – 2.11, November 27.11 – 30.11, December 25.12 – 28.12

We invite you to experience something special at the wonderful NIGHTSPAA of Wasa Resort! Every last week of the month (from Monday to Thursday), the spa and saunas are open until midnight!

Soft lighting and pleasant music create a magical atmosphere where you can enjoy fresh fruits and relax in an aromatic sauna environment. As part of the steam sauna exfoliation ritual, we provide a wonderful mini scrub.

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🏊 We add soft lighting by the pool in the evenings, creating a magical atmosphere that allows you to enjoy the soothing embrace of the water even more.

🎶 Chill and mellow music sets a cozy and relaxing mood, so you can fully unwind and forget about everyday worries.

🍉 From 8:00 PM onwards, you can indulge in fresh fruits – the selection is always fresh and exquisite.

🍹 The spa bar is open until 10:00 PM, offering delicious drinks to quench your thirst. You can conveniently choose your favorite snacks and beverages from the self-service kiosk. Various refreshing cocktails are available!

🧖 In the changing rooms, you will find aromatic body scrubs packaged for easy use. These are perfect for relaxation after the sauna and for pampering your skin.

🛁 Additionally, there are towels in the changing rooms so you can always freshen up and feel comfortable.

To find accommodation, look around and find a suitable date and room HERE!

The NIGHTSPAA experience is FREE for guests with accommodation!

This experience is complimentary for all guests who purchase accommodation. If you are not staying at our hotel, you also have the option to come and relax at the ÖÖSPA from outside.

NIGHTSPA PRICE for non-hotel guests: €17 for adults and €17 for children (up to 14 years old). Prices do not include towel usage; towel rental on-site is €2.

For more details and prices, please check ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND PRICES.

Please kindly contact our spa reception at  +37244 50 770 or for making reservtioons and obtaining addional informaƟon about seasonal offers.