June 14th

Friday at 19:00

Creating a cozy atmosphere with soothing guitar music, enjoy timeless and pleasant vibes at an acoustic concert!

Performing classical guitar music are students of Üllar Kallau from the Pärnu Music School.

In addition to the music and wine experience, we offer a 4-course culinary experience featuring the highlights of Wasa RESTO’s new Italian-inspired menu.


“Melon Crudo”


“Burrata with summer tomatoes and olives”

Main course

“Pork side with sage sauce and side dishes”

A taste cleanser

Apple-basil sorbet”

For dessert

“Dessert Assortment” 

Wine tasting and special offer from Balmerk!

Price – €79 per person, children aged 2 to 14 – €29

Reservation and participation fee from the e-shop


Treatments E-L 10-19 | P 10-16  Pause  13:00 – 13:30


Additional information +372 445 0770 or spa@wasahotels.ee