Four seasons, four different options. Each of the four has its own character, aroma, effect and feeling! Just as every season is unique, every person is unique too.



JASMINE 50 min A luxurious warming Jasmine bath and aromatherapeutic deep moisturising body creaming with JASMINE body lotion from Magrada is an experience you simply must indulge in during the cold weather. The fizzy bath bombs of Magrada create an unforgettable bathing experience, captivating with their snazzy composition and enchantingly authentic floral aroma. The bath bomb contains the natural vegetable oils of avocado and sunflower as well as vitamin E, which nourish, restore and smooth the skin during bath time. The pleasantly discreet jasmine aroma soothes the body and mind. The ultra-moisturising components of the cream renew and noticeably improve the quality of the skin. After the treatment, we offer you warming jasmine tea to cleanse the body!


LAVENDER 50 min Imagine… Endless lavender fields, Provence…The purple fields of one of France’s most beautiful regions yield only the finest organic lavender essential oil. This is where our carefully selected MAGRADA lavender oil ingredients come from. The beauty ritual with aromatherapeutic lavender oil wellness massage and body scrub brings the calmness of autumn to your body and mind. We perfected the treatment with a scrub that stimulates the skin but smooths the senses and an oil massage for the body that promotes sleep and strengthens the body. Aromatherapy is known to have a positive effect on the mind. The properties of grapefruit oil in the body scrub are soothing and they also reduce anxiety and help you fall asleep easier. The sea salt crystals in the scrub stimulate circulation. The oil contains naturally extracted essential oils from small organic farmers. It’s a real cleansing and relaxing ritual that ensures a deep sense of well-being and beautiful dreams.


PEONY 50 min The wonderful fragrance of the peony is obtained from the flower’s natural petals and bottled in France. The enchanting flower oil is made to order. The peony treatment is spring in your heart and on your skin! The skin-rejuvenating and invigorating body scrub with peony oil and massage with a peony body lotion is the heart of this treatment. The potent blend of sea salt and fruit oils enchants with Mediterranean elegance. The mineral-rich finely ground sea salt gently scrubs dead skin cells off your body. Apricot, safflower and jojoba oils nourish and soften the skin. Exfoliating the body helps stimulate the skin’s renewal process and improve subcutaneous circulation. It’s a luxurious beauty treatment that tones, moisturises and leaves skin beautifully radiant. The rich organic quince extract in the cream is a powerful source of antioxidants and vitamin C, which protects the skin from dehydration. The fast-absorbing cream supports cell renewal and elasticity. The delicate petals of the peony contribute their enchanting bouquet of fragrance.


ALGAE & MUD 50 min When you think about SUMMER, you think about the SEA! Sea and algae, healing mud and detox. The cooling detox mud wrap is the bestseller of Wasa Spa in 2022. This treatment represents the primal power of the sea. The uniquely formulated therapeutic blend of medicinal mud and peat mixed with cranberry extract forms an effective antidote in the fight against cellulite. The blend of marine minerals and humic substances is a living system that improves the breakdown of fats and the elimination of waste products, and boosts metabolism. Highly organic, mildly exfoliating mud significantly increases the skin’s moisture supply, keeping it supple. Please note: The mask does not dry the skin. The patented mixture of medicinal mud and peat contains bioactive compounds with anti-inflammatory effects. The active substances in medicinal mud have an anti-ageing effect and a whole spectrum of antioxidant properties. The seaweed body mask has been created in cooperation with Estonian and Latvian scientists.