Seminar packages at the Wasa Resort Experience Centre.

The listed part of the building (the Oval Hall) with the arched glass gallery has been restored to its original form, providing a unique functional environment for both daytime seminars and evening entertainment. Guests can start the seminar day with an invigorating exercise session with instructions given through the web and music from the era is played in the rooms. A video montage of old photos and surviving videos of the Pärnu Resort will be shown on the big screen in the Oval Hall before the presentations.

SEMINAR PACKAGE starting from (12 participants)

  • Short lecture and photo presentation on the history of Pärnu Resort on arrival (10 min).
  • Use of a period seminar room for seminars or meetings.
  • Break for stretching your legs and exercise.
  • Exciting guided tour about the history of Pärnu Resort or the wooden villas.
  • Photobox with period accessories.
  • Dinner with musical service characteristic of the period.
  • Each participant gets a card with a special design and an envelope, so they can send greetings to their loved ones from 1938.

The package includes a period conference room, the Oval Hall, presentation equipment, table water, flip chart and markers.

Package price on special offer according to the request, final price per participant depends on the season.

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